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The art of energy manipulation is easy you do it every day. Well your probably thinking by now I have never practiced this so how would he know. I do.. because everything is energy so when you write your manipulating energy. But you want to learn how to do things like telekinesis, you have to start out easy  so here's something to get you started

                                      TECHNIQUE ONE
ok now first I would recommend you activate your hand chakras' which are the energy sources for you hands by rubbing them together like your cold than put the about one foot away slowly move them closer. then about three inches once again now make them touch now this time put them about one inch away and hold them there you might be able to feel the energy it might be warm,cold, or your finger tips might tingle. If this doesn't work the first time don't give up on it. I took i little while before i could feel it now i get that feeling every time 
                                       TECHNIQUE TWO
This will teach you to feel energy too.

put your hands together then with your chakras activated hold them one inch apart. Now imagine that there is a bar of energy going through them. Try to move them as if there really was.The more you act like it's there it will physically feel like there is something there.

a warning about energy working/magick

Always remember when working with energy that it can be dangerous to not have energy because you have physical energy and magickal energy your physical energy fuels your magickal energy so when you run out of magickal energy you use physical energy to fuel physical and that can cause emotional injure or it could be DEADLY..... so don't do magick when your exhausted.