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These are for the novice or psionics just starting out

These techniques are used for practice so you can manipulate energy to do things like Telekinesis.

Here is some thing called a psi ball. A psi ball is a ball of the most natural energy focused together to make anything happen. This does not mean you can blow things up but the stronger it is the more you can do. I'll start off by showing you a simple method I use to make a psi ball.

Start off by thinking of where you are going to get your energy you can get it from nature,the Moon,Earth,or even yourself.

I choose the Earth just because it's huge and has plenty of it. So I visualize me in space right over the core of the Earth and this huge amount of blue energy coming up and into my body and it has to flow.

But when it gets to my hands I see the energy forming a circle of energy.

Now you can go to ways with this you can visualize the ball of energy getting bigger. Or you can compact the energy in a more solid ball. I'll be making another page on how to make them visible or how to change there color and also how to throw them.