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For every one who wants to here a good scary story this isnt the place unless the paranormal stories scare you because every story here is REAL and not made up

I got this in the mail and thought it must have been a rare occasion so im goin to add it. It was on the weekend when everybody was at there house bored as well so they desided to use the Ouija Board. Later that night as they got ready to use the Ouija Board it was as if some one had opened all the windows because it was extreamly cold. But every took that as A sign of a spirit. So as they contaced a spirit by the name of Chris it seemed as if he had all the answers to every question. But in a freaky way as if he had been watching over everyone and the next day there was a letter by the door that only stated :I had A nice talk last night: The girls thought that it must have been a prank from a couple of boys last night but it was such a wierd time to say that so they tried to contact Chris again but failed so on and so on but when they asked the neighborhood boys they all stayed at a party at one of the boys house SO WAS IT A HARMLESS PRANK OR DID THESE GIRLS UNLEASH SOMETHING UNKNOWN YOU BE THE JUDGE