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This page discribes the art of freezing or making things colder.

This ability takes plenty of time to master or to at least become a novice at it unless your A natural. But if your not you'll want to start out with trying to extinguise a candle which is also like pyrokinesis but it can be cyrokinesis. First you have to have a lit candle now you need to visualize
the particles in the candle wick slowing down to a stop so theres no flame anymore but you could also visualize a blizzard storming through your house feel the cold see the flame dimming and getting smaller until it's gone.

Once you can extinguise the candle flame go on to trying to make cold energy such as icicles. visualixe theses little peices of ice being formed into your arms and then shoot them at some one this will actually make them turn around or jump a little. There are lots of things you can do when you can manipulate energy and heat it up or cool it down