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This ability is a rare and difficult ability to learn.
If you are just starting out dont try this

First to use this ability you must understand it.
Pyrokinesis is the ability to cause, extinguise,and control
FIRE. You can cause fire by friction but with your mind you have to excite the particles from whatever your trying to catch on fire.

You do this by visualization this tool is an a need for this ability. I know that if you believe in your visualization IT WILL COME TRUE. But you can't just think it will you have to cinvince your heart it's true.

OKAY lets start out by controling a small flame light a candle and sit at a table and stare into the flame be like the flame feel as though you could move the flame like you can move you arm or leg. Try to steer the flame tords the left then right. But feel comfortable with it try making it get skinny and long or short and fat change the shape.

when you get this down try lighting lighting the candle visualize the little particles in the wick really hot and getting even hotter. then visualize the wick catching fire try to feel this heat. This may take weeks months even years but its up to you. JUST DON'T OVER WORK YOURSELF.

You can switch from trying to light and extinguish the candle. try this excersice to extinguise the candle.
First think of the wick getting cold and colder try to feel the cold think of a blizzard storming through your house.
then visualize the flame going out.

If you get the flame to extinguise before anything maybe you could have more skill with the next skill.