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The mysticle oracle

So you wanna learn to use the ouija board huh.

so here are some steps on your journey to the great beyond

First you need to know that the ouija board is not a toy it is like a portal to the other side that should be treated with great respect.

Now the second lesson is how to use it.

First make sure you and your partner {or more} are not to be disturbed. Light a few candles in the dark with the lights off while thinking of who is going to be the one to ask the questions so there is to be no confusion for the spirit.Now remember you must be relaxed that is how you get the most success. Next place two fingers from each hand on the board then start out by asking if there is a spirit that is willing to talk. Give about five minutes for the platchet to start moving. while the session is going on things will start to speed up.