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Now I will tell you about my favorite ability

Telekinesis- The ability to move things with only the power of your mind.
Here are some techniques I found very useful.......Material you will need
      Technique 1
  • glass quart jar with metel lid
  • thin black sewing thread
  • glue
  • a wooden match
  • small sewing needle
  • modeling clay

How to make the jar..

1. Clean the jar and let it dry.
2. Cut the burnable tip off of the wooden match (be careful not to cut near the tip)
3. Put the wooden match on a block of modeling clay
4. Push the small needle through the middle of the match. Do this slowly, with a twisting motion. If the needle is too big, it will break the match. You may also put matches in water and microwave them for 2 minutes, to soften them before putting a needle through them.
5. Push the needle half way through the match.
6. Clean the clay off the needle and the match.
7. Measure and cut a piece of thread long enough to reach from the lid to the middle of the bottle.
8. Glue one end of the thread to the middle of the inside of the lid.
9. Glue one end of the thread to the top of the middle of the match, just above where the needle goes through.
10. Let the glue dry.
11. Put the needle, match, and thread in the jar and screw the lid back on.

Lastly how to use the jar

1. Put the jar on a table.
2. Stand or sit nearby so you are not touching the table.
3. Hold your hands, palms inward, about three inches away from the outside of the jar. Keep hour hands level with the needle.
4. Breathe deeply and focus your attention on the needle.
5. Move your hands a little, back and forth, imagining lines of energy moving from them to the tip of the needle. Direct the needle to move.

A note of warning practice more than 20 min. a day. But if you get a headach best results occure before you go to bed

Technique 2

cork in the water

you will need....

  • bowl filled with water
  • a wooden cork

First fill the bowl with water then place the cork in the water now after the cork stops movings focus on moving the cork in the water when you get that start to make it go left right e.c.t      NOTICE make sure you do not have any air blowing through the room