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Here Lies The Art Of Energy Manipulation

Technique one

First you will learn to stimulate or activate your hand chakra's [spots of energy in hand] first rub your hands together to create friction or heat when you get a tingling feeling in your palms or fingers you know your chakra's are activated. Now take your hands and and put them about one foot away from each other slowly move them together. Next put them only six inches apart try to feel the energy between them. Finally you can put them one inch away and you should feel this connection stronger. Hold this position as long as needed

Technique Two

Now you need a nonliving object. I chose a picture of a family member it does not matter. Now put your hands close enough to it where you feel some warmth or energy. Now try to take your hands away and move them closer slowly. Feel how intense this energy is becoming. Find a spot that is comfortable and hold your hands there. Hold as long as comfortable